Rules of Engagement

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My Place, or Yours?

Yours: I'd be delighted to meet at your place of preference especially when I'm home but when I'm on tour, I do have a minimum date requirement of 4H for such dates. An additional fee will also be required to cover transportation costs depending on the location of our date. Should I meet you at yours, please be freshly bathed or be ready to hop in the shower at some point during our date.


Mine: Should you choose to get together at my place, just know that I have a couple of ground rules:

  • When I’m home, there is an extra fee required to see me at my place vs have me come to you. This is to cover cleaning and space rental fees, etc.
     This fee is waived on dates longer than 4H.
  • When I'm home: I won't go to your private residence on a first date but will be happy to see you at a hotel or have you come to mine - cleaning and rental fees will still apply.
  • You won’t need to worry about preparing anything though as the space I use is fully stocked with shower supplies we would need.
  • Please take the opportunity to use my restroom and shower facilities. I promise that as an open-minded woman, I strive for our encounter to be the most satisfying for the both of us. I am devoted to maintaining a high level of personal health and safety and will not partake in any potentially unsafe activities.


Please note that all engagements longer than 3 hours in duration require some social aspect (a shared meal, cocktails, social outing, etc).

Let's go on an Adventure!

Adventures are my favourite, I hope you're the same! We can make an adventure of whatever we decide to do but for those that are looking for something a little more, keep reading!


Maybe you have some upcoming travel plans and want some company for part of, if not all of your trip. Want to whisk me away on an adventure to a far off land?  How about going on a well-deserved vacation? Or maybe invite me to accompany you on a business trip overseas? All of that can definitely be arranged! Get in touch and we can make our getaway plans together. Though I am passport ready, dates are required to be booked at least 1 week in advance so I can make the necessary arrangements and subject to approval on a case by case basis. 

Please note my policies for adventure dates below:


  • A retainer is required for each date, please see Retainer requirements.
  • Accommodations and travel expenses are not included.
  • If you choose to fly me to you, I require a minimum 12 hour date with a 2 night stay at a 4-5 star hotel.
  • Miscellaneous travel expenses may include trains, ubers/taxis, etc.
  • Flights must be in first/business class and either direct or 1 stop only.



  • I'm only human and I need a minimum of 6H of uninterrupted beauty rest every night to make sure I'm ready for our day ahead.
  • If you'd like to do anything in the morning to wake me up, please discuss it with me beforehand. I get a little grouchy if I'm woken up without expecting it.
  • Additionally, for dates longer than 24H, I need at least 2 hours of personal time to take care of private and personal matters.


I require a 25% deposit for any and all engagements, whether we've met previously or not. If your deposit is for a date while on tour, please note that I require a minimum number of deposits be made by a certain date before I can guarantee and confirm tour dates.

Once screening has been completed, I will send you an email or text confirmation of our date with details on how to send over your deposit. I accept various forms of payment but I do prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum.


If you've yet to set up your crypto wallet, you can set up your wallet through Coinbase or (if you're Canadian) Shakepay.


Once I've confirmed payment, and verified your request, I will send you an email to confirm our meeting. General location of the date will be given and will also contain information regarding communication on the day of or the night prior to our date.


All prospective suitors are required to complete my screening process. I can understand your hesitation in regards to providing personal information but this is an absolute requirement and is done solely for my personal safety. You have everything you need to know about me from my online presence so please give me the chance to do the same with you.
In terms of screening, I require at MINIMUM:

  • A copy of your UNALTERED (all information must be clearly legible and no parts blacked out or covered) government issued photo ID
  • A form of employment verification such as your LinkedIn profile or a business card.


If this is your first time seeing a provider, I'd be delighted to introduce you to this wonderful terrain. Please take the time to complete my booking form! In the event your form is missing any information, I will require additional forms of verification.


Should you refuse to go through my screening process, I will respect your decision but I will politely refuse any future date requests until the appropriate screening is provided.


While I accept the use of references, I only use them as a supplement to my current requirements and will not use them in place of one or both items I ask for.


I understand that sometimes life throws you a curve ball, plans change, and adulthood happens. The more notice you can give me, the better. Please read my cancellation policy below:

  • 73H+ notice: I'll honour your deposit towards a future date with me.

  • 72H or less: Unfortunately, you relinquish your deposit and will be used towards a cancellation fee, if required. Please respect my time as I respect yours.

  • Adventure Dates: Your deposit will be forfeited and used towards rebooking and cancellation fees.

  • Two (2) or more Cancellations: Will require dates be pre-paid before any sort of confirmation is made.

  • No shows/no confirms will not be tolerated and will be immediately placed on my personal block-list until the balance of our date is paid in full. This will also be relayed to your references and my friends in the industry. Your next appointment, if considered, will require 100% pre-payment.
  • In the event that I need to cancel I will give you as much notice as I can with alternate dates to reschedule to should you so choose. Your deposit will also be fully refunded unless you tell me otherwise and on our next date, I will show you just how much I appreciate your understanding.


Due to the nature of the industry, I reserve the right to postpone tours at any time should I see fit. If a tour is postponed, I will reach out personally to convey the news and discuss your options regarding your deposit.


I'm happy to provide a reference for you as long as our relationship is positive. I only ask that you inform me in advance if you intend on using me as a reference so I won't be caught off guard and will have your information ready and at hand when I receive the reference request.

Discretion is important to me so I won't confirm or deny having seen you unless you've given me notice.

Please note: I will only provide a reference for you if we've seen each other within the past 6 months because many things can change in that time frame and I will only act as a reference for you a maximum of 3 times between each date. If you use me as a reference more than 3 times then I'll require you see me again or provide someone else as a reference.

If you are a provider looking to get in connect regarding a reference request, please contact me at

Love Notes

Love letters and thank you notes are more than welcome, always appreciated, and will make our date even more memorable. While I don't support reviews and review culture, if you'd like to write a testimonial of our encounter for this website then please send one to me and I'll happily add it for you. For privacy reasons I'd prefer to have details of our date be something that is only shared between us. Thank your for respecting my wishes to maintain mutual discretion.